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Re: [Xen-users] What am I Missing, Part 1

On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 7:50 PM,  <ray@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Xen and XCP seem like they should be a suitable tool and I would really
> like to learn how to use it.
> There seems to be a fundamental difficulty in implementing an instance -
> documentation.

For xcp, the best source of documentation would be xenserver documentation.

For xen (the hypervisor and userland tools that can be installed in a
normal linux distro), the best source right now is probably the wiki.

> Repeatedly, there are posts in this forum where an individual or group
> are looking deep inside the software for solutions to a specific
> difficulty and come up with maybe something that will work for some
> instances.


Which is why I often suggest if you're a newbie, better NOT try to
install xen yourself. Rather, use either distro-bundled xen (which
comes with the distro's documentation and support), xcp/xenserver, or
even other solutions like virtualbox/vmware.

> I fully understand that documentation is extremely difficult.  It at
> least takes a plan, organization and maintenance.  The repeated Document
> Day is great.  I would like to learn how I might help, which will be a
> challenge because I know very little about Xen, none the less Linux.

I suggest you start with editing the wiki on the topics you're
comfortable with, or participate in the next document day.

> Many software and engineering projects base the design on requirements
> management.  As such, there is always a link from intent and realization
> (along with many other advantages).  I wonder if there is such a
> management tool in place here.

Documentation is a problem with many software. If you can contribute,
please do. However saying things like "I want this fixed!" or "this is
how it's supposed to be done, why can't you do it?" will get you


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