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Re: [Xen-users] (no subject)

Chen Fu wrote:

I have a server with Debian and its IP:
With Xen enable, two VM are created with IP,

You asked this question less than 2 hours earlier - and you've had several answers to that. It's really bad etiquette to ask the same question again like this - it gives the impression that you *DEMAND* an immediate response which is unreasonable on most community project support mailing lists. In general, most such lists are "manned" by ordinary users - we're not paid, we're not (in most cases) even developers on the project, just ordinary users who've got enough experience to be able to "pay back" to the project by supporting others.
So such support is provided by volunteers, in their own time.

If you want a forum where you can demand support in set time periods then you need to look at commercial (paid for) options. Many community projects have a commercial side - in some cases there's a commercial version of the software (as is the case with Xen (Citrix ?) and MySQL (Oracle ?)), in other cases there are commercial outfits who will provide paid-for support on open source/community projects.

Apologies if this sounds abrupt, but it seems quite common for questions from Asia/China/India (I'm not sure where some questions have come from) so I am wondering if it's a cultural difference, or just that a lot of people are really new to this sort of environment ?
Simon Hobson

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