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Re: [Xen-users] Xen timekeeping best practices

Lloyd Dizon wrote:
Just wondering what is the best practice for timekeeping in Xen, on HVMs and PVMs.

I found lots of information that DomUs should sync with it's Dom0.

However, there are also alot of posts for VMs timedrifting even if the Dom0 is properly synced.

So it in the end, it seems it is better to treat the VM as an independent timekeeper and sync it using NTP.

What are your thoughts? Is there an official answer out there?
Should it be assumed that somehow a VM is improperly configured with regard to its Dom0 when it timedrifts?

There's a pretty good discussion on the Debian Xen Wiki, at
scroll down or search the page for the section starting: 'clocksource/0: Time went backwards' - which lists several workarounds note that some of them no longer work with Xen 4 (I think xen.independent_wallclock=1 is no longer recognized)

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