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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthrough for a HVM linux guest

On 20 April 2012 12:16, LINSCHOTEN Rob
<rob.linschoten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> List,
> I have set up a XEN hypervisor (XENCloud Platform 1.5 beta) with a RedHat
> 6.1 Linux HVM guest. The guest should run an OpenGL application which uses
> the GPU extensively, I need the XEN VGA Passthrough option in order
> to run this application normally. I read the arcticles on the Xen-Wiki
> about Xen VGA Passthrough support but I am still confused on how to
> configure the VGA passthrough.
> My questions are: Is the required configuration with the VGA passthrough
> possible? and How can I configure the Xen Hypervisor
Hi Rob,

did you already read this?


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