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Re: [Xen-users] Where does PyGrub run?

eva wrote:

1- if pygrub needs to mount the domU, why does it says this?

"This means that reading the guest filesystem does not require
mounting the filesystem"

Read the sentence before that : "PyGrub accesses the guest filesystem using a userspace filesystem library ..."

Ie, instead of mounting the image to copy the files, it uses a userspace library to access the filesystem. The difference is that if you just do a regular mount, then the filesystem is mounted by kernel level code in Dom0 - and there is a theoretic risk that if someone finds a vulnerability in that, they can use it to compromise Dom0 with a carefully crafted DomU filesystem. Using a userspace library means that while there's still a risk of compromising the system, they cannot "crash" it as they could be compromising kernel level code.

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