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[Xen-users] XCP graphical display on VM

Hi All,
     I plan to use Xen (most probably XCP) to virtualize
two servers: one running OpenBSD, the other running FreeBSD.

These both servers will be running more or less headless (at least
without any graphical environment). I would want
to add a third server (most probably a Debian Squeeze or Freebsd)
to have a desktop (light, probably IceWM or XFCE).

The physical machine will have VTx but not VTd.

Is a such solution possible with Xen ? I don't understand
exactly if it is possible to have one DOMu with the control of
a VGA display (1600x1050 by 16 or 24 colors) or if the control
of VGA display is reserved to the DOM0.

I have read quite a lot of documentation but I can't have a clear 
idea on this subject.

Any comment/idea or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

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