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Re: [Xen-users] Where does PyGrub run?

eva wrote:

Thanks for answering. I read that part, but afterwards I read the link
that Luke posted that says:

"The problem with PyGRUB is that while it's a good simulation of a
bootloader, it has to mount the domU partition"


..hence my confusion.

Hmm, yes. One or other of the Wiki entries is wrong then.

In that link I see the answer to your other query. In there, in extolling the virtues of pvgrub, the author is hinting (but explicitly stating) that he is providing a read-only volume which the end user (DomU owner) cannot modify. In that read-only partition, he has a basic (rescue) system which the DomU always boots "through" - thus the end user can never ever completely trash his DomU to the point that it won't boot anything. My guess is that he has GRUB installed in the rescue partition, with two entries - rescue and user. Rescue boots into the rescue system, user (the default) chain loads a GRUB config from the user's normal partition. In normal operation, the DomU will load the read-only GRUB, chainload the user's GRUB, and then boot the user's OS. If the user screws it up, he can interrupt the initial GRUB, boot into the rescue system, and from there fix his own system.

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