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Re: [Xen-users] Firewall in domU, networking in XEN

Walter Robert Ditzler wrote:

the probem i have, for ex, ist he firewall stuff, i mean in our point of
view, a firewall should be seperated by 2 nic's and i assume briged nic on a
xen will cause some difficulties with iptable! even i dont know how you
would quaranty security when all ip packages traverse the same nic!

In this case, the OP only has a NIC for outside (untrusted) traffic. It's afor a hsoted server, so there is no physical network (ie other computers, printers etc) to need a NIC. Since external and internal traffic won't be sharing a NIC, it's not a problem.

He'll have two separate bridges (analogous to two separate physical switches) for 'internal' and DMZ traffic, and either a third bridge or PCI passthrough for the outside traffic.

Simon Hobson

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