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[Xen-users] Hardware requirements for Xen

   I need to figure out how powerful a server I need to run Xen. Specifically, I'm looking to replace about 30 Windows XP desktops with low-power thin-clients using VNC to connect to virtual desktops provided by Xen. This is supposed to be a cheap interim step while we work to replace an Access system that most of our employees use with a web-based program, at which point most of the VM's would be deprecated (as the thin-client PC's would simply be used to connect to the intranet site).
   So, in short -- I'm looking to replace about 30 WinXP desktops with VM's hosted by Xen, and I need to figure out how much memory and CPU power I'll need to make this feasible. Is there some guideline I can use to figure this out?
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