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Re: [Xen-users] xen tutorials?

On 6 Jun 2012 at 15:48, Ian Campbell wrote:

> > br0 and br1 wont start upon dom0 startup. I have added ifup br0 and ifup 
> > br1 to rc.local to 
> > get them to start.
> Do you have "auto br0" etc in your /etc/network/interfaces?
> If you still have problems then please show us the config you are using.
Thanks for that. Clean forgot about the auto part in the file. 

On your other questions/answers I have to get back to ya. Im under a tight 
schedual today. 
Im retired on disability and do the linux stuff to supliment my income. I also 
am a bass 
fishing guide and I have a 4 day trip to get ready for today. Ill try and get 
back to ya later 
today if not it will be monday

> > on guest1 using ifconfig I see eth1. Eth1 is not configured in 
> > /etc/network/interfaces so it 
> > shouldn't show up. It is not working as you can not ping its ip. Guest2 
> > does use eth1 and not 
> > eth0.
> I'm not entirely sure what you are describing here, can you describe
> what you do see vs. what you expected to see?
> Did you expect to see eth1 in guest1? or did you expect to see eth0?
> What does guest1's vif configuration line look like?
> If you expected eth0 then you might have an issue with the udev
> persistent net rules, look under /etc/udev/rules.d for things which
> might be renaming eth0->eth1 on boot.
> If you expected eth1 then obviously you need to have eth1 in the
> guest's /etc/network/interfaces if you want to use it.
> > issueing xm list shows guest1 as running but guest2 shows a b for blocked 
> > but it is running 
> > and I can use it.
> blocked just means the guest is idle (i.e. it is blocked in the
> hypervisor). It is still available to run if something happens. On a
> mostly idle system most guests will be blocked...
> > Big question is how do I get these two guests to autostart if the server is 
> > rebooted?
> The xendomains initscript can do this for you. IIRC you just need to put
> the config files in /etc/xen/auto instead of /etc/xen.
> Ian.
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