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Re: [Xen-users] About 10GE performane on domU (with xen3.4.4)


Thanks your info. I have read this doc and tried some of the optimization on it, but not much significant improvement. About “SR-IOV” , I am not sure how to enable it as this doc is for Xen 4 while I am using xen3.4.4 (there is no “xe” command”). I also searched about “SR-IOV on Xen3”, seems not much info can be found, anyway tried? Thanks.




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Have you already tried thoses suggestions:



On 06.06.2012 10:35, Felix Chu wrote:

Hi all,


I have two Dell R720xd servers dom0 running with Centos 5.8 (with xen 3.4.4) installed with Intel 10GE (ixgbe driver) interface. I test TCP transfer rate between dom0, speed is 7.x Gbps (with Netperf tool).  However, I try similar test between two domU, speed drop to 1.x Gbps.


domU is running with Centos5.8 (64bit) para-virtualized (yum updated to latest packages).


Test 1:  dom0 -> dom0 , speed 7.x Gbps

Test 2:  domU -> dom0 , speed 7.xGbps

Test 3:  dom0-> domU , speed 1.x Gbps

Test 4:  domU -> domU ,speed 1.x Gbps


Above tests are carried between two physical machines. From above 4 tests, seems bottleneck on domU RX speed.


I suspect related to xen network driver issue on domU. Anyone know any optimization can be done on domU?


Thanks a lot.


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