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[Xen-users] newbie totally at a loss with debian VM not starting up: Unable to find partition containing kernel


I took over an existing XCP installation, and even though I can do basic stuff,
this one has me baffled. Googling around I tried from dom0:

# EDITOR=vi xe-edit-bootloader -n miami -p 1
Creating dom0 VBD: 512e4f4c-58f5-10ee-eb4e-332d1762ef80
Plugging VBD: The SR has no attached PBDs
sr: f010f574-40b0-6e3a-1952-0c6e299e9315 (Local storage)

/dev/: not a block special
Unplugging VBD: The device is not currently attached
device: 512e4f4c-58f5-10ee-eb4e-332d1762ef80
. done

I may have caused it myself by doing something stupid, but how do I
tackle this?


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