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[Xen-users] Which QEMU device-model to use for Windows HVM guests???

Just wondering about which QEMU version to use. Looking in the xl.cfg MAN page, you can choose from "qemu-xen-traditional" or "qemu-xen", however i have seen a third one "qemu-dm" WHICH is not listed in the xl.cfg man page.

I know the "qemu-xen-traditional" device-model is the default one as it is more stable, compatible and so forth. The "qemu-xen" is the qemu upstream one and i am sure still not so stable without tweaking, BUT have read that f you want to use IOMMU (pci passthrough), than "qemu-xen" doesn't have support or is buggy, or something like that. I do want to use PCI passthrough so i guess that is not an option. HOWEVER, i have read people use "qemu-dm" and don't know how different is that compared to the other two choices.

SO, considering creating a VM to be of type HVM, such as any flavor of Windows, which qemu device-model would give the best results using Xen 4.2-unstable??

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