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[Xen-users] "No text console available" when trying to get the console of a just created VM from a template on XCP

Hi there,

I am trying to set up XCP on Ubuntu 12.04. I went through the
procedure given in the README file of the xcp-xapi package and reached
the point where the hypervisor seems to be running fine. I set up a VM
using the Debian Squeeze (64bit) template and started it, giving a
Debian mirror URL as install-repository.

Running "xe vm-list" reports that the machine is running, but when I
try to open the console (xe console vm=$vm), I am getting "No text
console available". Here is the tail of /var/log/xcp-xapi.log:

[20120620T03:10:54.593Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|19|Starting periodic
scheduler D:221bb36fb9c6|backgroundscheduler] Sleeping until next
event (125.596663 seconds)
[20120620T03:11:26.650Z| info|ubuntu-xcp|5 dbflush
[/var/lib/xcp/state.db]||redo_log] Flushing database to all active
[20120620T03:11:53.273Z| info|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||cli] xe console
vm=8be7130d-1f7a-b161-e618-8ea96b40673d username=root password=null
[20120620T03:11:53.274Z| info|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.login_with_password D:1de8b836546f|xapi]
Session.create trackid=3a72e74672306119668c1ba10bd8034a pool=false
uname=root is_local_superuser=true auth_user_sid=
[20120620T03:11:53.275Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.login_with_password D:1de8b836546f|xapi]
Attempting to open /var/lib/xcp/xapi
[20120620T03:11:53.275Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|447 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||dummytaskhelper] task dispatch:session.get_uuid
D:e9f7e5731bf5 created by task D:1de8b836546f
[20120620T03:11:53.280Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||xapi] Raised at cli_operations.ml:2230.11-28 ->
xapi_cli.ml:119.18-58 -> pervasiveext.ml:22.2-9
[20120620T03:11:53.281Z| info|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.logout D:09ffb8aa1537|xapi] Session.destroy
[20120620T03:11:53.282Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||backtrace] Raised at pervasiveext.ml:26.22-25 ->
xapi_cli.ml:118.2-139 -> xapi_cli.ml:205.7-44 -> xapi_cli.ml:257.4-23
[20120620T03:11:53.282Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||cli] Xapi_cli.exception_handler: Got exception
INTERNAL_ERROR: [ Cli_operations.ExitWithError(1) ]
[20120620T03:11:53.282Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|446 UNIX
/var/lib/xcp/xapi||cli] Raised at string.ml:150.25-34 ->
[20120620T03:13:00.288Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|19|Starting periodic
scheduler D:221bb36fb9c6|backgroundscheduler] Adding function
Logrotate to queue, start=300.000000, type=Periodic(300.000000)
[20120620T03:13:00.288Z|debug|ubuntu-xcp|19|Starting periodic
scheduler D:221bb36fb9c6|backgroundscheduler] Sleeping until next
event (166.403424 seconds)

Any idea of what I am missing? Actually I do not know what is
happening when launching a vm built from a template, is it supposed to
start the distribution's installer? Is it in text mode (my ubuntu
instance does not have an X server)?


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