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Re: [Xen-users] cpu pinning not working correctly in xen-4.2 unstable

Hi George,

thank you for the quick answer.

On Fri, Jun 22, George Dunlap wrote:

> Hey Deiter, did you mean to post this to xen-devel instead?

No, I have sent this to xen-users, because I thought I made a mistake, or
missed some config option.

> > Btw: I use the credit2 scheduler, because it is better for my dvb 
> > broadcasting stuff.
> Glad to know it works well for you -- that's exactly the kind of
> workload it's aimed at.  Unfortunately it's still experimental:
> pinning is not implemented yet in credit2.  You should be able to
> implement something similar using cpupools.  There's a blog post on
> that here: http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2012/04/23/xen-4-2-cpupools/

my cpu has only 2 cores without hyperthreading, so I think cpupools are
a little oversized. But the possibility of two complete different schedulers
is cool ;)

> Another feature introduced in 4.2 is the ability to set credit1's
> credit timeslice.  The default is still 30ms, which is *far* too long
> for real-time; you might try setting it to something between 1 and 5
> and see if that works well enough for you.  There's a blog post on
> that here: 
> http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2012/04/10/xen-4-2-new-scheduler-parameters-2/

I've played a little with these in the past, for example
sched_credit_tslice_ms=5 and sched_ratelimit_us=1000, but
hadn't good results (artifacts on my television from time to time).
Which values do you recommened for sched_ratelimit_us, when I use
credit1 ?

Is it possible to see the overhead from the hypervisor (if I set
this two parameters to small for example).

I tried the sedf scheduler, but this scheduler slow down all of my
domUs, so I think credit* schedulers are the best ones for my workload.

Best regards


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