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Re: [Xen-users] cpu pinning not working correctly in xen-4.2 unstable


[cut the bits i didn't know even the smallest tiny fraction of]

> Is it possible to see the overhead from the hypervisor (if I set
> this two parameters to small for example).

If you can sink some time into it, there is libxenstat. The python
bindings are a bit broken and it didnt manage to compile it on 64bit.
It gives fine grained results though. I think the HV time is not in
there, but if you're under load you should be able to calculate it
simply by looking at the timers.

> I tried the sedf scheduler, but this scheduler slow down all of my
> domUs, so I think credit* schedulers are the best ones for my workload.

I think sedf had a limit in that it only works as intended with one
core. Anyone remember if thats true?

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