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[Xen-users] VGA Passthrough broken for two vga cards in current change set


recently I upgraded my dom0 from changeset 23190:5a00ccfc6391 to
23301:a9c0a89c08f2 in xen testing.

Before that, I was able to use vga pass-through successfully with two
graphic cards simultaneously (hiding them on boot via kernel params
and passing them to the domU via pci = [ ] in config) for 1,5 years.
After the upgrade whenever I hide both graphic cards at the same time,
the dom0 boots fine and i can start normal domUs, too, but when I
start a domU with vga passthrough the dom0 freezes around 5 seconds
after booting the domU and does not recover. The strange thing is that
when I for example don't hide vga 2 I can assign vga 1 to a domU and
everything works perfectly fine..

I can reproduce this behavior with two dom0 installations and both the
current testing and unstable git pull.  Neither system nor xen logs
show something suspiciously, but unfortunately since this only happens
when all graphic cards are hidden from the dom0 i can't check the
console output when it happens. Haven't used kernel dumps yet but this
might be the next thing to learn.. ;)

AMD Phenom II X 1090T on Asus Crosshair IV
Debian Wheezy with a 3.4.2 openSuse Kernel + their xen patches

I just wanted to ask if anybody knows what changeset may have caused
this behaviour before i start trying to install xen over and over
again using different changesets to find the bad one.

P.S.: I upgraded from gcc 4.6 to 4.7, too, but I don't thing this
would be making a difference here.

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