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Re: [Xen-users] Xen block device online resizing


"You can't "append memory to my virtual block device". Memory is not a block device"

I'm clearly speaking of disk space / capacity.

"try some stuff at random even if it's completely unrelated and pray that it works"?

At random? You should rather read "some RELEVANT modules" ...
Has anyone been able to achieve an online

Well, may whoever did tell us more about it please? I'm
I should mention that modprobe in DomU doesn't "see" the additional
I should have wrote "partprobe" ... I realize that the sentence doesn't make sense, sorry.
Simply put, just look at domU's console and syslog. If it shows a
block device size change, then your system supports it. If not, then
one of the components (either hypervisor or kernel) doesn't support
Well that's why I'm sending this email! According to the documentation, I'm using the right Xen version, SLES version, kernel, etc. This very question keeps coming back on forums... If someone more knowledgeable can address it, please do because no solution is available yet.

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