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[Xen-users] Windows DomU with SSDs

Hi Everyone,

We are thinking of venturing into the world of hosting Windows DomUs on our Xen 
infrastructure. As Windows generally requires a lot more IOPS than Linux does, 
we are trying to do everything we can to improve performance.

While using SSDs would solve the IOPS problem, SSDs suffer from limited write 
cycles. So, we have the idea of using Flashcache from Facebook to use a single 
SSD as a cache in write-through mode, along with spindle drives in RAID10.

My questions to the community are:

1) What are the general views of using SSDs in a Xen environment? All of our 
guests are "untrusted". Is this just generally a bad idea?

2) Does anyone have any experience of using Flashcache? Are there any potential 
issues that someone has come across?

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