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[Xen-users] XEN will not get past "Parsing config file xxx"

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 07:23:50 -0400
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I had a working system for years with a Windows Server running in a xen instance for my fathers business.

I had updated my Linux system and missed a change in a config file a few weeks ago so mysql was not cleaning up its binary logs. This eventually filled up / thus causing a lockup which happene yesterday morning. After getting the system back up and running by clearing out the binary logs everything is working again with one excepton, XEN.


I don’t get any errors. It just will not move past “Parsing config file xxx” where xxx is the config. This could be any config file that is valid, and not just the domU that was running at the time. For example, my hackintosh does the same thing, but it was not running at the time the system locked. Invalid config files fail to parse and tell you why. But any valid one gets stuck at the same point.


The Windows server is run off a dedicated partition than the / so its drive should never have seen an issue, other than the dom0 locking up.

I do have a backup of the entire partition into a file from a few weeks ago that I confirmed as a working backup when I made it, but that also will not start.


What does happen is this:

2049 root      20   0 17648 7928  628 R   61  0.3   4:51.92 xenstored

6181 root      20   0 35828 3156  972 S    5  0.1   0:08.25 xl


Xenstore becomes the process grabbing the most processor with xl right behind it. There are no log files being created anywhere so that I can see what is going on other than in top.

I have even tried creating a new dom0 to test installing again, and that will not start. All this points to it not being my dom0’s as the source of the issue.


Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Things I can check, because no logs are getting made? I have already reinstalled xen and run a fsck of all my drives, not in that order.



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