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[Xen-users] Benchmark xen 3 vs xen 4 for sql server using sqlio


I'm benchmarking xen 3 and xen 4 to see which one to chose for my vm
that need to be windows 2008 r2 x64 to run sql server 2008 r2.

I'm using 2 disks same brand and model, Centos 5.8 x64 no RAID.

After some test Xen 3 stock had give to me better numbers, but this
message is not about this yet, what took my attention was the results
sqlio give to me.

Maybe some of u had use this tool to benchmark disk for sql server,
the machine is a AMD FX 6100 6 cores 3.3GHZ.

Dom-O have 2 cores 1GB RAM
Dom-U have 4 cores 8GB RAM

In both installations.

This took my attention: Xen 3 sqlio output:

using system counter for latency timings, 103127539 counts per second

Now Xen 4.1 sqlio output:

using system counter for latency timings, 3579545 counts per second

I had ask at sql server forum and no one have answer me the meaning of
this line, counts per second.

This is related to Xen, I will try 3.4 and see my numbers, but I still
don't know the meaning and why I got different numbers in this line if
I'm using the same HW and same settings.


NOTE: Once I finish my benchmark I will return here, I must finish this week.

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