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Re: [Xen-users] virt-manager unable to connect to libvirt after update

Am 29.08.2012 um 09:46 schrieb Ian Campbell:

> On Wed, 2012-08-29 at 07:39 +0100, Ralf Müller wrote:
>> All domU's are up and running, "xm list" shows them
>> correctly,
> "xm list" implies you are using xend here.

Thats correct.

>> but virt-manager reports the following after start:
>> Unable to connect to libvirt.
>> internal error libxenlight state driver is not active
> But this suggests that libvirt is trying to use the libxenlight backend
> and not the xend based one.

Ok - I thought this would be a general move of the xen infrastructure.

> That's something to investigate, I'm afraid I don't know enough about
> libvirt or SuSE to direct further. Perhaps you might have more luck on
> one of the OpenSuSE xen lists?

Ah - I tried it on the OpenSuSE general problems list. No answers so far. You 
are right - I should have done it on a more specialized list.

Thanks for your answer

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