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Re: [Xen-users] emulated rtl8139 driver, openvswitch, and offload

    I have not been able to reliably disable Large Send Offload, Checksum
Offload and Scatter/Gather through the device manager GUI on Windows 2008
32bit/64bit with pv_drivers installed.  The Xen Net Device Driver will fail
to start and them the dom0 will panic and reboot.  I am very scared to
continue!  This happened to me twice today while I was going through and
disabling GSO/TSO/GRO on my broadcom bnx2 interfaces to fix a serious issue
we have with inter-Host network traffic.  Is there a way to do this that
doesn't involve crashing the dom0 and causing the whole box to reboot?
Also, is there a guide to updating the drivers?  I would like to install the
latest 357 drivers, but the one time I tried uninstalling them I had a BSOD
and had to reimage.


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> Subject: [Xen-users] emulated rtl8139 driver, openvswitch, and offload
> I'm getting strange network problems when deploying WDS images,
> specifically:
> DHCP doesn't seem to renew properly
> Tcpdump shows a 5K packet transmitted to the DomU, then retransmitted as
> 3 x 1500 byte packets, so presumably large packets are being passed to
> DomU and the emulated adapter can't handle them and just drops them.
> This happens even when all the offload on the ovs bridge is off, so I
> know what is happening.
> Any suggestions?
> James
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