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[Xen-users] Intel 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller

I am trying to get the onboard graphics passthrough on a Dell Optiplex 780,
but everytime I try as soon as Windows loads the driver during startup, it
bluescreens with a STOP error referring to PAGING on a NON-PAGED area or
something like that.  I was under the impression that it was plug and play,
but maybe not.  Anyone done this successfully?  Details below:

VM: Windows 7 32bit HVM
Host: Fedora 14, with vanilla 3.4.10 kernel.
Xen: Changeset 25746
XEN-PCIBACK (Built-in) passthrough=1
I have passed in both PCI devices for the graphics card, one ended in 0 and
the other in 1.
I have passed in Sound and USB, which work great.  The graphics card works
as well, I can start the VM and see ROMBIOS display on the monitor and go
through setup, select the partition and then during the install once it
loads the driver it bluescreens and then I have to start over again.  I can
finish the install if I don't pass the graphics through, then if I try to
start it with gfx-passthru, it'll bluescreen.  If I start it without, then
attach the pci devices it'll prompt me to restart, and then bluescreen after
it starts...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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