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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Networking

Vinicius Kwiecien Ruoso wrote:

Assume I'm going to create a new VM,
and it will have the same parameters as this one (bridge eth0). I
should create another bridge (xenbr1), or it will automatically use
the existing bridge (xenbr0)?

Normally you would want to be using the same network setup. So when specifying the VIF entry for the new VM, specify the same xenbr0.

It may help to take a step back and consider what all this represents. The bridge is analogous to a physical switch. The VM is analogous to a physical box. And if you don't do anything special in the Dom0 then that isn't really analogous to anything - but if doing NAT, then it's analogous to a standalone router doing NAT.

So having got your standalone router doing NAT, and a physical switch allowing devices to be connected to it, you can connect multiple servers to that same switch. In the same way, once you've got the Dom0 with NAT and a bridge running, you can connect multiple VMs to the one bridge.

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