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[Xen-users] Experimenting with UserVoice.com

One of the issues in any software project can be the disconnect
between what users want or would find useful, and the developers' idea
of what users want or would find useful, and Xen is no exception.

To help address this issue, I am going to start experimenting with a
website called UserVoice.  UserVoice allows users to do two things:
* Suggest improvements or features
* "Vote" for which improvements or features they think are most important.

You can find the Xen.org uservoice page here:


You can either create an account, or log in with an existing Google or
Facebook account.

Obviously we can't promise that everything that is suggested or voted
highly will be implemented!  But hopefully it will give the developers
a better idea what our users are thinking.

To make sure that the site is as useful as possible, please try focus
on *things you want to do*, rather than *how* you want to be able to
do them.  That will help us choose the best way to help you; or
perhaps point you to an existing way of doing something that's already



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