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[Xen-users] xl cfg disk option for lvm and cdrom

I configured an LogicalVolume of 15G to install an XP hvm on.

But I don't know how to define the 'disk' configuration for the config
script for "xl create".
I also don't know the format for the cdrom disk entry.

As a general guide I'm using the example in xen sources

# pvs
  PV         VG       Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree
  /dev/sda11 guestsVG lvm2 a-   119.29g 104.29g

# vgs
  VG       #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize   VFree
  guestsVG   1   1   0 wz--n- 119.29g 104.29g

  LV    VG       Attr   LSize  Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy%  Convert
  xpVol guestsVG -wi-a- 15.00g

disk = [ 'guestsVG/xpVol,raw,xvda,rw','/dev/sr0,raw,hdc,devtype=cdrom' ]

The above line is obviously wrong. What is the correct format?
My cdrom is /dev/sr0.

I compiled a "mainline" kernel (3.5.4) using the guide at

on Ubuntu 12.04.

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