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[Xen-users] Cannot boot to cdrom (or file) using xl create for XP hvm

Trying to build an XP hvm using a compiled "xenified" kernel
(3.5.4) but having no success reading the cdrom or an image
made from the install disk.

Error in vnc display:
  Booting from Cd-Rom...
  CDROM boot failure code : 0003
  Boot from CD-Rom failed: could not read the boot disk
  No bootable device. Powering off in 30 seconds.

xl -vvv create testXpOn15g.cfg
  Parsing config file configXL.cfg
    Loader:        0000000000100000->0000000000172b10
    TOTAL:         0000000000000000->000000003f800000
    ENTRY ADDRESS: 00000000001015a0
    4KB PAGES: 0x0000000000000200
    2MB PAGES: 0x00000000000001fb
    1GB PAGES: 0x0000000000000000
  Daemon running with PID 11236
  xc: debug: hypercall buffer: total allocations:585 total releases:585
  xc: debug: hypercall buffer: current allocations:0 maximum allocations:2
  xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache current size:2
  xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache hits:582 misses:2 toobig:1

testXpOn15g.cfg contents:
builder = "hvm"
name = "testXpOn15g.hvm"
viridian = 1
memory = 1024
vcpus = 1
vif = [ '' ]
# Disk Devices
#disk = [ 'phy:/dev/guestsVG/xpVol,hda,w','phy:/dev/sr0,hdc:cdrom,r' ]
#disk = [ 'phy:/dev/guestsVG/xpVol,hda,w','phy:/dev/sr0,ioemu:hdc:cdrom,r' ]
#disk = [ 'phy:/dev/guestsVG/xpVol,hda,w','phy:/dev/sr0,sda:cdrom,r' ]
disk = [ 
vnc = 1
boot = "d"

The qemu-dm-testXpOn15g.hvm.log:
domid: 22
-videoram option does not work with cirrus vga device model. Videoram set to 4M.
Using file /dev/guestsVG/xpVol in read-write mode
Strip off blktap sub-type prefix to  (drv 'aio')
Watching /local/domain/0/device-model/22/logdirty/cmd
Watching /local/domain/0/device-model/22/command
Watching /local/domain/22/cpu
qemu_map_cache_init nr_buckets = 10000 size 4194304
shared page at pfn feffd
buffered io page at pfn feffb
Guest uuid = 1ce296c3-b4ba-4f01-a181-734fe2df26da
populating video RAM at ff000000
mapping video RAM from ff000000
Register xen platform.
Done register platform.
platform_fixed_ioport: changed ro/rw state of ROM memory area. now is rw state.
xs_read(/local/domain/0/device-model/22/xen_extended_power_mgmt): read error
xs_read(): vncpasswd get error.
medium change watch on `hdc' (index: 1): aio:
I/O request not ready: 0, ptr: 0, port: 0, data: 0, count: 0, size: 0
Log-dirty: no command yet.
vcpu-set: watch node error.
xs_read(/local/domain/22/log-throttling): read error
qemu: ignoring not-understood drive `/local/domain/22/log-throttling'
medium change watch on `/local/domain/22/log-throttling' - unknown
device, ignored
cirrus vga map change while on lfb mode
mapping vram to f0000000 - f0400000
platform_fixed_ioport: changed ro/rw state of ROM memory area. now is rw state.
platform_fixed_ioport: changed ro/rw state of ROM memory area. now is ro state.

The xl-testXpOn15g.hvm.log:
Waiting for domain testXpOn15g.hvm (domid 22) to die [pid 11237]
Domain 22 is dead
Action for shutdown reason code 0 is destroy
Domain 22 needs to be cleaned up: destroying the domain
libxl: debug: libxl_dm.c:761:libxl__destroy_device_model Device Model signaled
Done. Exiting now

Suggestions? I've used this XP install cd several times and know
it's good.

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