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[Xen-users] Success VGA passthrough on windows 7 x64 with Xen 4.2.1-pre

I'm glad i can report that today i have 100% success with VGA
passthrough on windows 7 64-bit. That nasty yellow triangle with error
43 disappeared and my GTX560 has 7.8 points in aero index, also Gpu-z
and Cpu-z see vga card properly and unigine heaven benchmark have no
problem with it.
Now i have to figure which particular option let me to do this. Most
likely it was turned off msi_translate in DomU config, but i will make
more test and i will share with full information today later. Cause
i'm newbie with Xen and linux if there is some particular information
i can share with, then please tell me and i will try to do that.


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