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Re: [Xen-users] Xen linux and gaming box

> Windows recognizes the drive as an SSD, since it turned off defrag
> automatically for just that drive.  I don't know if GPLPV has anything to do
> with it, if it turned off defrag maybe it's Windows/NTFS taking care of TRIM?

Windows can't possibly know that the drive is an SSD unless I've told it, and 
GPLPV doesn't give it any such information. That's for vbd (eg regular block 
device) though. For a USB disk passed through, or a scsi passthrough device it 
could interrogate the drive directly.

> There are a lot of factors involved, remember it is running on a Logical
> Volume partition which is handled by LVM, so it's not all about the drivers.

As far as GPLPV is concerned, the communications channel is basically read and 
write. Very little meta-information is passed through. I haven't even added 
barrier support yet because I've only recently been using a system that 
provides it for LVM.


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