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[Xen-users] HVM-like ACPI functions in a PV guest VM

Hello list,

With all the discussion on PV on HVM drivers, I was wondering if there was such 
a thing as HVM on PV. To explain what I mean, is there a facility in Xen to run 
HVM drivers such as the ACPI system in a paravirt-ops (PV) guest domain? 

The question arose when I noticed that the Linux driver for my "ATI 
Technologies Inc RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450]" card was dependent on particular 
ACPI functionality such as the ACPI button kernel module.

Searches on the internet for Xen and ACPI drivers seems to wind up in a dead 
end or ends up pointing to the host (dom0) processor ACPI kernel module that is 
used for xenpm (power management).


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