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[Xen-users] access xenstore from Dom U

Hey, I am new to Xen. Recently I have some problems about using xenstore to setup communication between Dom 0 and Dom U.

I have successfully installed Xen on Centos 6 and launch a Dom U with Centos 5. "xm" and "virsh" works fine on my machine.

I can also use comments for xenstore to access values in Dom 0, such as xenstore-list, xenstore-read, and xenstore-write. But I couldn't use them in Dom U.

Are there any packages I have to install to enable xenstore on DomU? What are they? and where should I install them, Dom 0 or Dom U?

I've been searching for this problem for days but couldn't figure out a way, could anyone help me with this? Very appreciated, many thanks.

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