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[Xen-users] xen install domU config Ubuntu

I'm still missing some key points of understanding regarding the
install process.
I know a xenified kernel is needed in addition to a hypervisor
But some of the steps listed to provide this are still murky to me.

On page: http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Mainline_Linux_Kernel_Configs I
followed the steps starting with "Configuring the kernel".  I built
the kernel in my home directory and finished the install with the
steps listed under "This is the Ubuntu way".
I'm using Kubuntu 12.04 on an amd64 box and used kernel 3.6.4 for
those steps.
At the time I'd thought those steps would provide all the tools
necessary for running the dom0.
Upon rebooting into the new kernel I did "xl list" and got an error
regarding a missing library. The library had been installed in "lib64"
instead of "lib".
Reading a post by Ian Campbell I changed StdGNU.mk to use "lib" and
did a rebuild.

But dmseg did not indicate that the kernel was booting up in pv mode.

So figured this must only be part of the process and downloaded the
sources for xen-4.1.3 and followed its README. Specifically the
"make world" and "make install" instructions.
Here is where my murky understanding is displayed ingloriously.
Does "make world" rebuild the kernel using the sources I have in my
home directory! Don't see how it could. Exactly what is built by the
So after those steps rebooted and am still not in "Xen" mode.
# xl list
libxl: error: libxl.c:56:libxl_ctx_init Is xenstore daemon running?
failed to stat /var/run/xenstored.pid: No such file or directory
cannot init xl context
# /etc/init.d/xencommons start
made no difference.

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