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Re: [Xen-users] How to change VM from para-virtualization to full-virtualization?

Hello Alexandre.
     This is Jing and I work with Jerry for this issue. I saw your email and
do some test following your instruction. As our case, I met lots of issues
since there are lots of track as you said. I list them here and need your
help to check.
Seems it is a little bit longger. But your help is grateful.

I create a PV for DomU and install the SUSE linux 11 SP2. my configurations
are as below.

1) partition.
2) /etc/fstab file
3) /boot/grub/menu.lst
in PV, grub has been installed. The option 0 is the one work normally in PV.
I add the second option for HVM
4) the conf file in Dom0 is as below.
5)To chagne PV to HVM. I do the following modification.
6)6) change /etc/fstab as below

Then. I start up the HVM using xm create command. And the error is as below.

  I try to change root parameter in menu.lst, such as "root=/dev/hda2". But
it still can not startup saying can not mount /dev/hda2 to root.

Please give your advise what can I do.

Thanks very much.


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