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Re: [Xen-users] RFH: loopback & blktap(2) and CDROM

Hello Riyan,

> I wanted to open a new thread with respect to Blktap2 and Blktap,but i'll
> rather post here.

Then you shoud at least trim the quoted part of the mail you're highjacking.

On Saturday 10 November 2012 19:40:12 Riyan S wrote:
> I have been using a loopdevice for all my VMs because,i 
> cant seem to find Blktap2 on any of the newer kernels  .Has Blktap2 been
> dropped,even though its better than Blktap?

blktap2 was (AFAIK) never included in the main Linux Kernel.
For Debian you can install blktap-dkms which compiles the module for your 
current kernel.

> Also,for some odd reason i have 
> never been able to bring up my VMs with Blktap (tap:tapdisk:aio) since all
> my vms get stuck at 'XENBUS: Waiting for devices to initialise: 295s...'

If there's a Linux kernel traceback before that, you have the same problem as 
me which multiple devices overlapping each other.
Otherwise take a look at the debug output of Xend and all the other xen tools 
(In Debian: /var/log/xen/*)
At least provide your exact configuration, so people spending their time to 
help you have some useful facts.

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