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Re: [Xen-users] where does qemu fit in?

Wei Liu wrote:
I happen to know a Sheepdog committer. I can ask him about the portability of Sheepdog. Probably we can make this a GSoC project this year? Wei.

Funny thing, this seems to have been on the GSoC 2012 list of ideas for Sheepdog (https://github.com/collie/sheepdog/wiki/Google-summer-of-code-2012):


Create sheepdog client library

 * *Brief explanation:* The goal of this task is to implement
   libsheepdog, and enables other clients than QEMU to use Sheepdog
   block-level volumes.
 * *Expected results:* libsheepdog provides


Be interesting to know what happened to it.

And there does seem to be some work going on on "sheepdev" as a linux kernel module - a couple of references to it on the sheepdog dev list - but not really clear what's happening.



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