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[Xen-users] [Beginners question]- Compilation error while trying user program from domU

Hi all,

My aim is to invoke hypercalls from programs inside guest domains. So in
this regard I wrote a sample program as below that invokes a
function(xc_domain_getinfo) declared in xenctrl.h. 

*Sample Program:*
 int main()
 printf("Attempt to invoke hypercall!!!\n");
 int handle,rc;
 xc_dominfo_t *info;
 handle = xc_interface_open();
 printf(Ãcquired handle :%d\n",handle);
 rc = xc_domain_getinfo(handle,3,1,info);
 printf(" The returned value is :%d\n",rc);
 return 0;

I linked xenctrl library from dom0, but I am getting compilation error
saying *xenctrl.h: No such file or directory*. Then as per the error message
I tried copying(by downloading source) required header files as and when it
says missing header files name on consecutive compilation. But I ended up
with path conflicts and couldn't succeed in compiling.

*My doubts:*
* Do I need to copy header files manually into guest domain? - I tried
copying header files required as per compilation error msgs but I ended up
with conflicts.
* Any pointers to detailed guide to invoke hypercalls from guest domains??


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