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[Xen-users] Need A 30,000 Foot View Of XCP

My Boss wants to use XCP as we are a startup and trying to save money.  I am not sure he fully understands how XCP works.  I am familiar with VmWare but not this.  I went to the xen.org site and downloaded XCP Cloud  (he wants cloud).  I successfully installed this on a server.  I used the entire disk(not sure if that is correct).  My next issue is how do I connect.  I thought I was supposed to use Xencenter but that may not be free..  My boss told me to use Openstack and OpenManager.  I believe Openmanager is the way to connect to the server but works on Linux(which we do not have...Yet)  I see you can make it work on windows but probably not a good idea.   Then the Openstack I am just sort of lost.   Can someone give me a overview of what I need to do.  Our goal it to have a couple of VM's running windows server and Microsoft Lync Server.  

Guys I have been doing IT stuff for a long time but this is new to me any guidance I would be grateful for.
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