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Re: [Xen-users] Lots of IOAPIC or GSI related errors

Am 07.01.2013 16:22, schrieb Ian Campbell:
> Turning off ACPI on any half-way modern system is generally not going to
> result in everything working properly.

Well, I can't switch the hardware. It's an MSI X58 Pro-E board. If you
dig the archive, you'll find a thread about my reboot issues. And nobody
came up with a solution. Problem is, that kernel on bare metal reboots
fine, but kernel + xen doesn't. I compared the reboot code of Xen and
the Linux kernel, and it was identical. No surprise there.

To be honest, I still suspect that Xen (maybe Xen's ACPI
implementation?) is less compatible with a probably broken MSI BIOS. But
for now, I have to somehow try to the downtime caused by the machine
hanging in some mysterious undefined state during reboot.

I really want to take it seriously when you say that if ACPI is turned
off, something wouldn't work properly (and the GSI errors worry me!) but
what do you expect to be broken? It's a server machine. I really don't
care about loosing the ability to adjust the CPU frequency or suspend to
RAM or anything fancy. The machine must run without crashing, and reboot
once in a while for xen/kernel upgrade.

I'm also not sure what happens, if acpi=ht is passed to the dom0 kernel
only, but not the hypervisor. Currently, both hypervisor and dom0 kernel
use acpi=ht.


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