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Re: [Xen-users] vCPUs and Weight/Caps

On 01/13/2013 06:12 PM, Mohamed King wrote:
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. I did look at the docs prior to asking. I guess what I 
am asking is what the advantages would be if you have say 2 vCPUs on a VM.

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Hi Mohamed,
I understand its advantage as better possibility to schedule provided CPU time between the processes within the VM. Of course your VM will not be able to use more than 100% of one physical CPU, but should be able to run another process once one will block the first vCPU (and only in case the VM will still have enough credits on hypervisor - if credit scheduler is used). It's good to have more vCPUs on webhosting for example and on all systems where do you expect parallel data processing (webservers, databases, virtual desktop, ...).
This is my understanding. <correct me if I'm wrong>

Best regards,
Peter Viskup

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