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[Xen-users] size units in xen-create-image, and other newbie doubts


I'm fiddling with Xen at home, the dom0 is a freshly installed Debian
stable (current 6.0.6 squeeze) using LVM over RAID.

I want to use two VGs, so the pointy-clicky won't really do since
--lvm only takes one argument (i assume). That's no big deal, i can
use LVM tools and even the partitions.d scripts xen-tools can use and
provide a partition template through the  --partitions flag.

However, the man page refers:

         size       = 2Gb      # Disk image size.
         image      = full     # Allocate the full disk size immediately.
         memory     = 128Mb    # Memory size
         swap       = 128Mb    # Swap size

These units are plain wrong, as they should be GB and MB. Regardless,
are these 128 for --swap MB or MiB? And what about --size?

In other news,

when specifying --gateway, what's recommended: dom0 or the gw dom0
uses? Or does it depend on what i want Xen for? What about
--nameserver? how about openvswitch? I intend to have a few PVs for
basic services like http, maybe nfs and samba, etcd, etcd; and maybe
one or two or five HVMs plus the PVM that'll server as my desktop. The
host is in a regular home LAN plugged into a crappy ISP router.

How can i know which --arch and --dist xen-create-image supports? I'm
assuming --arch=amd64 and

While the host sees /dev/mapper stuff and the md (RAID1), will the
domUs see LVM disks as xvds by default? Regardless of whether i create
them directly with LVM or using xen-create-image?

Sorry for all the questions, i'll glady take pointers to detailed
howtos and mans.

Eh, the hardware's an Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard with an Ahlon64, 8GiB
DDR2 RAM and two SATA drives, one 160GB and one 1TB. 159GB are RAIDed
and those and the remainder are LVMed into two VGs. There's an onboard
nvidia Geforce and a PCI ATI/Asus Radeon HD 50** (i'd like to
passthrough it to the desktop PV eventually).

There's a lot i want to do, i welcome any tips and constructive criticism.

Nuno MagalhÃes

PS: sorry if this is the wrong list...

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

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