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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi on xen

On 01/22/2013 02:01 PM, Eric wrote:
> Hey, Guys:
> While the discussion on Backdraft 
> (http://backdrift.org/xen-block-iscsi-script-with-multipath-support) is very 
> powerful it seems to focus exclusively on the use of multipath. I think that 
> Jacek is asking whether to:
> 1. export the logical volumes (i.e., LV's) from his LVM volume group (VG) as 
> individual iSCSI LUN's or to
> 2. export the underlying partitions and then import them to his host system 
> as physical volumes (PV's) and then parition create the VG and the LV's on 
> the host system.
> Eric P.
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>     *Subject:* [Xen-users] iscsi on xen
>     I wonder if someone can point me in right directions. I have two dell 
> servers I setup iscsi  so I have four 2 tb hard drives and i had used lvm to 
> create one big partiton and share it using iscsi. How I go about assigning 
> sections of iscsi for virtual hard drives .  should go about assigning Should 
> I export the whole 8TB as one iscsi and then use lvm to create smaller 
> virtual disk. Or should I export smaller portions of lvm as separate iscsi. 
> Right now I use lvm and this is my  disk = [ 'format=raw, vdev=xvda, 
> access=rw, target=/dev/xen/win2012b. Do I need to install and use oopen-iscsi 
> ?  Any pointers to documentation
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We export our logical volumes (LVM2) via iscsi LUNs to our xen boxes, one 
advantage of this scheme is you can connect more than one xen box to the iscsi 
targets to provide live migration support.

Our system looks like this..

PV --> VG --> LVM --> drbd --> iscsi-target =====LAN===== xen + iscsi-client

This is a production system with 8 xen boxes and 60 VMs and works very well.



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