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[Xen-users] xl nat and wrong IPs


I'm currently switching from toolstacks from xm to xl. Because I have
a rather complex network setup with my domUs, I use xen's nat
capabilities. But what works fine with xm behaves slightly strange in

I use something like the following to establish a domU interface
within my vif part:

'type=vif, mac=00:16:3E:06:DA:B2, ip=, vifname=fw11,
model=e1000, script=vif-nat'

Now xm would create an interface called 'fw11' with ip and
netmask I don't really care about the rest (iptables,
routes) because I overwrite this from other places anyway..

But xl creates an interface 'fw11' with ip and netmask which is defenetly not what I was expecting.

Can somebody explain why xl behaves the way it does and how can I
change this? I could only find vif-nat setting routes but nothing
about netmasks and IPs so I guess i'm missing something here..

I'm using the latest xen-unstable and a vanilla 3.7.4 kernel..


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