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Re: [Xen-users] linux stubdom


On 2013-01-29 16:46:40 Markus Hochholdinger wrote:
> [...]
> What I'm trying to do:
> * In my case, I make logical volumes available on all hosts with the same path
>   on each host. So I can assemble a software raid1 where each device lives on
>   a different server while not loosing the possibility of live migration.
> * Configure a domU with two block devices, the according (linux) stubdomu
>   assembles a software raid1 (linux md device) and presents this md device
>   to the domU. So the domU hasn't to handle anything with the software raid1
>   but has ONE redundant block device for its usage.
> * I have two use cases, one is a HVM domU, where something like windows is
>   running and because the lack of (good) software raid1 I use the software
>   raid1 of linux for baking the block device inside the stubdom.
>   The other use case is a PV domU where the admin of the virtualization
>   environment is not the admin of the domU and therefore isn't able to manage
>   the software raid1 inside the domU. So the stubdom could be used to manage
>   the software raid1 without interfering within the domU.

Out of curiosity:
Is there anything I am missing as to what you're trying to achieve cannot be 
done in dom0 alone?
- I suppose you could create an LVM2 Mirror above the remote volumes
  (assuming using iSCSI volumes as LVM2 PVs is possible).
- Did you consider DRBD? Seems to me it provides what you need.

Sorry tho I cannot help you with stubdoms.

- peter.

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