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Re: [Xen-users] linux stubdom


Am 29.01.2013 um 17:15 Uhr schrieb "Peter Gansterer" 
> On 2013-01-29 16:46:40 Markus Hochholdinger wrote:
> Out of curiosity:
> Is there anything I am missing as to what you're trying to achieve cannot
> be done in dom0 alone? - I suppose you could create an LVM2 Mirror above
> the remote volumes (assuming using iSCSI volumes as LVM2 PVs is possible).
> - Did you consider DRBD? Seems to me it provides what you need.

well, if I create/assemble a md device in one dom0 I can't live migrate the 
domU. If I create/assemble the md device simultaneously on the destination 
dom0 I have potentially data corruption.

If I use drbd the performance is not that good and I'm limited to two dom0s 
(ok, with newer drbd I can have multiple slaves without stacking). And I have 
the problem of split brain situations.

As my tests have shown I get the most out of the hardware if I use a software 
raid1 inside linux domUs. The local logical volumes are exported over iscsi to 
the other dom0s and all logical volumes have on each dom0 the same symlink in 
The other reason is that I have no problems with split brain. If the domU 
doesn't run the software raid1 also doesn't run.
I have the setup with linux domUs and software raid1 inside the domUs 
successfull in production since 2006 but it has the limit that the software 
raid1 has to be managed inside the domUs and now I'm searching for solutions 
where the software raid1 is not inside the domU but very near of the domU like 
in a stubdom.



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