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Re: [Xen-users] Remus

remusha is cool but has one disandvantage - u have to patch drbd! i had posted several question here into the round but with no responce. actually i run xen together with peacmaker.

since i have critical app running i am intrested in a knowledge exchange to get that stupid RAM finally synchronized as well with temus :)


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On 30.01.2013, at 17:07, Andrew Eross <eross@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm curious to ask about what the general opinion is on Remus these days?

I see the 'News' section on the remus site (http://nss.cs.ubc.ca/remus/#news) hasn't been updated for over a year, and generally speaking I just don't hear much traffic about Remus in the mailing lists, presentations, etc, so curious if there's still activity on it and if people are using it successfully in production?

I'm conducting some more experiments in the land of Xen two-node VM HA. My most successful method to date is using XCP/XenServer + DRBD (active/passive) + Pacemaker, which has been up and working for a while now for us.

I have some free time and a few spare machines and am about to give a first shot with Remus (this looks like the best Howto I've found: http://remusha.wikidot.com/), but certainly wondering if there's anyone out there with experience to share or to say "don't bother because <xxx>"

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