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[Xen-users] VGA Passthru - FLR?

Hi, everyone. I'm Guilherme Suzuki (brazillian, by the way) and really interested in xen-vga-passthru.

Lately, I bought a brand new Saphire HD 7950 (OC Boost) because I saw in a wiki somewhere that users have been able to passthru these VGA devices to domU (win7, win-xp and so on).

But, after I installed it, I executed lspci -vv to check if FLR in DevCap was present (which it's not).

I've managed, though, to put my virtual machine to work out with the HD 7950 as a secondary device. Sometimes, I have to reboot dom0 to make things work.

So, here's my question: is there any patch to help me out and solve this problem?

Here's a short description about my equipment: fedora 18, kernel 3.6-10 rebuilt with xen-kernel features (instead of kernel modules), xen-unstable rev 26667, saphire HD 7950 11196-16-20G!

Thanks a lot,
Guilherme Suzuki
Consultor em TI para projetos Microsoft
11 - 992360535
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