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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthru - FLR?

Hi there,

I fear you have to be a bit more specific because with only that
information, this could be a lot..

But alright, let's start at the beginning:

I assume you installed your dom0, installed your windows domU via the
vnc vga, then installed latest catalyst drivers and at this point vga
passthrough should work..

So now let's assume you have a freshly booted dom0 and try to start
your domU. Does vga passthrough works every time on a freshly booted
Lets further assume it have worked the first time.. does it always
does not work when booting a second time?
What in general happens when you say vga passthrough doesn't work? Do
you get a BSOD? or do you get your graphic output on the vnc vga and
your main vga has a error 14 or error 43 in device manager?

Also, next to distro and kernel information, your domU config would be
interesting (especially the acpi, api, pci_whatever parts)..

2013/3/4 Guilherme Suzuki <suzuki.gui@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hey matthias, nice to meet you, buddy.
> My problem: sometimes I have to reboot the dom0 (lame) to see VGA passthru
> work properly.
> On Mar 4, 2013 1:10 PM, "Matthias" <matthias.kannenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> Hi,
> ehm, I may be missing something, but what exactly is your problem? Or
> better phrased: Do you have any functional problems like BSODs or
> something?
> Also, what distro and kernel are you using?
> 2013/3/4 Guilherme Suzuki <suzuki.gui@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi, everyone. I'm Guilherme Suzuki (brazillian, by the way) and really
>> interested in xen-vga-pas...
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