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[Xen-users] Imaging complete Xen installs


I'm helping to create an appliance which consists of an Ubuntu host, a number of Ubuntu guests and a Windows server guest. We've been using Clonezilla to image the machine but it is performing badly in terms of image size and restore times.

The filesystem on the boot drive is an LVM 2 container containing multiple ext3/4 and an NTFS FS. We want to do a full disk image including the boot sector and partition table. When we do a "savedisk", Clonezilla is complaining that it can't intelligently backup any of the ext or NTFS volumes because they're within an LVM container so it's just doing a dd and then gzipping it. We've tried zerofree and this does make things better but it's nowhere near as good as a real intelligent backup. Clonezilla makes it sound like LVM isn't supported but the first thing it says when you start the backup is that it's unmounting the LVM volumes.

Can anyone please recommend a better backup program that is preferably free software or a better way of using Clonezilla so I can get the backup down to a more manageable size?


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