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Re: [Xen-users] Windows QEMU resolution


On 12/03/13 12:11, Ian Campbell wrote:
You need to be looking at the options relating to the emulated VGA device and video ram etc in xl.cfg(5). Ian.

Thank you. You are correct that, in my inexperience, I had insufficiently studied and understood the documentation.

I managed to get the VGA correctly working using Gabor's method. I now have a different difficulty. I'm running HVM Windows Server 2008 R2. I turned the resolution up in steps and ti was fine until I hit 1600x1050. As soon as I selected that, the vnc session terminated (using gvncviewer) and I can't re-establish it (it flashes up, reports the 1600x1050 resolution in the console I launched it from then says that the session has terminated and closes).

I tried increasing the videoram line but this didn't help. I then commented out both the stdvga and videoram lines and was able to access Windows in 1024x768 as before. I turned the screen rez down to 800x600, put the stdvga and videoram lines back and restarted. Windows (thinking it was being helpful) put the resolution back to 1600x1050 and it failed again.

Is there any way I can stop the VNC console dying at high resolutions or stop Windows from restoring the old, non-working resolution when I put the virtual cirrus card back please?


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